Daddy Vegas - Soulnoodle Podcast mp3 1h39, 136mb, 192 kbps

Daddy Vegas kicks off what will hopefully be a monthly series of podcasts, with a diverse mix of soul and funk from the four corners of the globe. Highlights include Betty Chung's take on "Bang Bang", some Guadaloupe jazz and mod-ish RnB, before things round out with some tough minor key blues.

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Hugo - Southern Soul Podcast mp3 1h22, 113mb, 192 kbps

More a mixtape than a podcast, I put this together in winter of 2006/7 as a kind of "driving home for Christmas" CD for friends. There's very little funk on it, more big southern country rock than anything else, featuring some lesser known Dylan, Buffy Saint Marie, Gram Parsons, then some Miriam Makeba, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker and the mighty Garnett Mimms.

There's a tracklisting over here. Enjoy.
A monthly series of podcasts, all tracks are posted for a limited time.
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