Hugo's 10, Monkeyfunk London

1. "You're The Fool" - Three Degrees (Roulette)
2. "Shake A Leg"- Jackie Wilson (Brunswick)
3. "Gloria" - Willie Hobbs & The Dirte Four (Mercury)
4. "It's Gonna Rain" - Gentleman June Gardner (Emarcy)
5. "Rich Woman" -L'il Millet (Specialty)
6. "Old Wine" - Red Tyler (At Last)
7. "Slim Jenkins Place" - Booker T & The MG's (Stax)
8. "Exodus" - Bobby Lee Fears (Forward)
9. "Cool Broadway" - Fantastic Johnny C (Phil-LA of Soul)
10. "Wack Wack" -Tim "Love" Lee (Tummy Touch)

James' 10, Monkeyfunk China

1.Rocky Roberts and The Airedales "T-Bird" (Barclay/Roulette)
2.Willis Wooten "You're Love is Indescribably Delicious" (Virtue)
3.Sharon Ridley "Scandal in Bedrock" (Sussex)
4.Mitty Collier "I can't lose" (Peachtree)
5.Harold Mabern "I want you back" (Prestige)
6.Tommy Knight and The Knights "Tighten Up" (Broadway)
7.Clydie King "Never Like This Before" (Lizard)
8.Vivian Reed "Walk on my side" (Epic)
9.Falconaires "Dirty Woman" (US Air Force Public Service)
10.Okoi Seka Athanase "Melokon Mebun Ou" (Badmos)

Tobias Kirmayer's 10, Tramp Records, Munich

1. hank carbo - hot pants (ala 7")
2. houston outlaws - soul power (bgp 7")
3. marva whitney - what do I have to do (king re 7")
4. the jewels - papa left mama holding the bag (dynamite 7")
5. zodiacs - hey rough nut (c.r.s. 7")
6. little beaver and frank william and the rocketeers - soul stuff pt.1 (phil la soul 7")
7. david robinson - I am a carpenter pt.1 (tramp)
8. jt allen & little richards band - working hard (crowbar)
9. dj format feat. charly 2na & akil - the place (pias lp-track)
10. motion man feat. kutmasta kurt - hold up (thres lp-track)

Dean Rudland's 10, BGP Records

1/ Get It - Jimmie Johnson and the Lucky Hearts (Stuff)
2/ Hell Or High Water - Katie Webster (Goldband / BGP)
3/ I'm Just Not Ready For Love - Erma Franklin (Shout)
4/ Pumpkin Place - Prince James Quartette (MET)
5/ Watch My Smoke - M. C. Williams (Dig)
6/ Do It - Johnny Griffith (Triple B)
7/ Duck All Over Town - Arlene Williams (Musette)
8/ Say Yeah Yeah - Yvonne Fair (Dade)
9/ I Kicked The Habbit - Sarah Simpson (Soul-Po-Tion)
10/ Sweet Little Thing - Ray Franklin and His Orchestra (Chris)

Brian Poust's 10, Georgia Soul

Rickey Andrews - Chances Are Your Dance Is Mine (Mars La Tour)
John Harris & the Soul Sayers - Hangin' In (Kerston)
Eddie Marcello - The Cripple Chicken (Midnight)
Langston & French - Lets' Get Funky (Tragar)
Lil' Willie & the Rockin' Imperials - Crazy Stomp (Golden)
Marvin Holmes & the Uptights - Ride Your Mule (Revue)
Gus "The Groove" Lewis - Let the Groove Move You (Tou-Sea)
Soul Patrol - Sweeter Than the Other Side (Discovery)
The Natural Four - Stepping On Up (ABC)
Ricky Allen - Cut You Lose (Tam-Boo)

11 i have been spinning recently june / 2005

1. GINO WASHINGTON - you got me in a whirlpool 7" (atac)
well he's done a few 45s that are great but this is a little different especially the instrumetal is the one for me ...
2. JOE THOMAS - comin home baby (cobblestone)
a lovely uptempo funky flute instrumental of the mel torme dancefloor standard ...
3. CHRISTIAN PLICQUE - hot foxy woman 7" ( lecam)
just an obscurity soul/funk crossover with great vocals ... hunt it down .. on the same label as chocolate sugar and uncle sam ..
4. MICKEY MURRAY - i can't tell you 7" (federal)
a 45 i have had in the collection for a number of years and i just cant get enough of it ,..
5. THE BLUEJAYS the bluejays theme 7 (cardboard city)
The new aussie funk 45 which I am helping to distribute great instrumental funk with breaks wooohooo !!!
6.THE MAGNIFICENTS - do the whole rock 7" (kentone)
A nice little disco funk tune to crossover
7.PLEASURE - we have so much lp track (fantasy)
Definitely off a well known lp but I dont hear this one getting spins lovely
8. THE GRAINGERS - shine your light 7" (bc)
I have the 12 also but they are a bugger to lug around when you have the tune on a 45 I definitely prefer the instrumental .
9.JUSTO ALMARIO - sho' you right lp track (uno melodic)
Dancefloor baby from one of the best producers in the world roy ayers .
10.AQUARIAN DREAM - you're a star 12 (elektra)
What can I say ? I have to throw classics in too
11.TDS MOB - tds scratch reaction 12 (race)
Hip hop ya dont stop . Been collecting hip hop for 22 years ,, roots yall ;..

dom servini's current ten -www.wahwah45s
1. dee dee bridgewater - sweet rain (re-edit) (white)
2. margie joseph - come lay some lovin' on me (atlantic)
3. max cole - mo' high (graeme blevins/natural-self remixes) (wah wah 45s)
4. willie bobo - comin' over me (columbia)
5. gladys knight & the pips - i heard it through the grapevine (sympathy for the grapes mix) (motown)
6. bansuri - the birds feat. bembe segue (traficante)
7. dena deadly - 1608 (counterflow)
8. charlie earland - murilley (muse)
9. jamie finlay - little trumpet (wah wah 45s)
10. curtis mayfield - mighty mighty (buddah)

Martin Lawrie's 10,
1. Bob French "Y'er Comes The Funky Man" Broadmore
A perfect set starter, cool jazzy New Orleans funk.
2. Lil Buck & The Top Cats "Monkey In A Sack" La Louisianne
Only a handful of original copies exist of this Louisianna funk monster.
3. Jimmy James Thomas "I Can't Dance" Cinn-Sound
Ultra rare white funk from Cincinnati, explodes on the dancefloor!
4. Al White & The Hi-Lighters "Noise With The Boys" Tune Kel
Killer sixties funk for the dance floor - impossible to stand still to this one.
5. Tabby Thomas "One Day" Soul International
Count the number of known copies on one hand, a holy grail of funk 45, ultra
heavy funk with raw soul vocal.
6. Robert Moore "Everythin's Gonna Be Alright" Saadia
In my all time top 5 funk 45's, first class funk dancer from Florida.
7. Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders 'The Rubber Band' Knight
Similar sound to "Hook & Sling" only fresher to your ears due to it's rarity.
8. The Explosions "Jockey Ride" Gold Cup
Beyond rare, this insanely funky 'lost' Explosions track was later remade
into "The Garden Of Four Trees".
9. Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets "Clap Your Hands" Milton
The most highly desired funk 45 of all times, historically only owned by DJ
Shadow until Jazzman turned up a handful of copies. Devasting funk!
10 . The Third Guitar "Baby Don't Cry" Rojac
A funk club classic, massive on the dance floor.
11 . Cookie Scott "I Don't Care" Orr
My alltime favourite soul record, they don't get much better than this.

Frank Soulpusher,
1.The Charms - soul woman
2.Sunbust -let's live together
3.Society Inc. - society
4.Pax Nicholas -you
5.Dynamic Walter B - butter toast
6.Apple & Three Oranges - down home publicity
7.Reggie Saddler Revue -raggedy bag
8.Bobby Thomas & the Afros - please, mr. lovemaker
9.Menique y Kako -kako's boogaloo
10.Bobby King and his Silver Foxx Band -fat bag

Craig Smith, Crowbar Records,
1. Marion Black - Who knows - Capsoul
2. Ernie Hawks - Soulful trip - Niteclub
3. The Mohawks - Gimme some pt2 - Supreme
4. Dynamic Corvettes - Keep off the grass - Ro-Jac
5. Mr Perculator - I got a thing for you baby - Wax-well
6. Baby George - Gonna love you and leave you - Worldwide
7. Fantastic Soul Invention - Bim Sala Bim - Disco Soul
8. Johnny Black & the Jokers - Mayi bo ya?? - Sonafric
9. Mitch Mitchell - Definition of things - Ko-Ko
10. Soul Medics - Wrap it up - Jewel