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Funk45 Forum
Britain's love/hate soap opera revolving around the perilous 45 collectors scene. Seriously broad knowledge on funk and soul, combined with a rare collection of profanities, splintered personalities, bile, posturing and utter shite. We can't recommend it highly enough.
Martin Lawrie's site is the stuff of legend. The man has it all, info, articles, records for sale, huge set of links, and recipes to boot. We can only follow in his mighty footsteps.

BGP Records
Home to Mr Dean Rudland, perhaps the best archivist, re-issuer and knowledgeable chap on the planet. Not that we are biased, ohnosiree. Superb compilations from BGP, and a really healthy clutch of 45's. Massive record collection, great taste, lovely chap, and he's a mean DJ to boot. Bastard.
Of course you already know about this place. Right ?
A good man with the right intentions. Just a terrible way of executing them. Remains an excellent site, and fine radio.

If you ever need to convince your missus that you're not totally lost to a cult of record fanatics, just show her these chaps. These two are in deep.

Steve Barker : On The Wire
Been a guest at Monkeyfunk Shanghai twice and kick started the Shanghai reggae team. He has been a reggae man for some 20+ years, written liner notes for many a fine reggae release. Check his site for a mountain of info on reggae, and dub reviews. A thorough gentleman too who still turns his hand to DJing and occasionally chooses a Beijing underground club to pick up, put on his shoulders and carry on until everyone is smiling.
Like, but with not quite so much information, or as tight a remit. the ultimate try-before-you-buy, Spare yourself a lifetime of misery by finding out what the song sounds like when shitfaced in front of Ebay at 3am, you stupidly decide to bid large on a 45 by a woman called Betty, but you get the wrong Betty.
Obviously. But good luck getting a response to an email unless you've got money to spunk.
Well, these fine chaps have got some very very interesting bands on their label, and are literally on our map, as well as figuratively. They're down the road. They've got an ace line-up of top-notch breakbeat acts, and they're about to start a Sunday session at the Bedford. GIVE THEM MONEY.

On the regular, that shit is down, hommie. Knock yourself a pro slick. Gray matter back got perform' us' down I take TCBin, man'. S'mo fo butter layin' to the bone. Jackin' me up. Tightly. Cutty say he cant hang....Oh stewardess - I speak jive. Post up giant Jpeg's ! wibble at our friends in America ! With luck you might be able to get past the total fucking nonsense and get some real knowledge.

Funky 16 Corners
Larry Grogan's excellent online magazine, stuffed with info, and lots of tasty scans for your porndog label junkies, you.

Daptone Records
Home of Sharon Jones, The Mighty Imperials (still can't get enough of Never Found Me A Girl)...throw your weight behind them.
Excellent site, veering towards the library super-soundscape. Again, loads of knowledge, and always fresh, very good messageboard for lurking on, like the anonymous white trash you know you are.

Black Hole of Funky Music
Peter's extremely thorough site, home to the Lexicon...pre-order now to push the print run through in 2005 !

Home of Leftie's Soul Connection, Oslo's premier funk outfit, as well as details of upcoming struttin' nights.

Neaopolitan Records
Home of the tough Neoplitans sound...interesting to see they've got a hiphop imprint too...

Boogaloo Investigators
By golly these boys can play. A couple of killer 45's, and an album on the way in 2005...can't wait. A much discussed gig awaits at Monkeyfunk, assuming our teams of lawyers can get past the contractual wrangling over the brown velour dressing room and only pink iced gems.
A fine looking website to score some wax. Do we get a discount now ?

Listen to Funk
Gordy and the boys streaming funk and electro 24/7...

Live 365 Funk Channels
Of course there's some shite that thinks that Sheila E kickstarted sisterfunk, but how can you possibly resist stations like "Hammond Organ Plus! Like the sound of Hammond Organs ? Then you'll love Hammond Organ Plus ! Broadcasted by Leslie Overdrive."

Mr. FineWine's Downtown Soulville
Matt's excellent broadcasts, one hour of 25 45's, special guests. I love it when a plan comes together.

Craig Charles' Funk Show
It says here that Craig's career began at the age of 12 when he won The Guardian Poetry Prize. His ideal music for a long car journey would be anything by Tower Of Power.

Soulsister's Soul Power
Funk straight from the motherlode, New Orleans.


Well, well, well. How long these sites are up for, I do not know, but full credit to those below - Like a personal rummage through a mate's record collection, bookmark these sights, and with luck you'll dig up some gold.

Oliver Wang's SoulSides
The Daddy. The master. A great man, with great taste, and your first stop for blog heaven.

Number One Songs In Heaven

Home Of The Groove

The Suburbs Are Killing Us

Naugahyde Life

Home of The Groove

Cocaine Blunts



Benn Loxo du Taccu




steady bootleggin'



Buy Funk
They seem to have some very nice records, give 'em a whirl.
John Manship. Legend. Legendary prices.
The Only Reputable Record Dealer In Belgium

Brian Proust's 45's for sale
We like Brian. Solid taste, and seems like a fine man to do business with.
Hiphop specialists - now you can impress your friends by telling them that you just maxed the Visa on rare bronx blunts. Watch as you take on pariah status and your wife leaves you. that said, extremely good rates, and meagre shipping costs.
The fuckwit's choice, but can turn up an occasional opportunity. Take your chances, pal.

John Idem's 45s
One of the nicest men in the business - great prices, superb delivery. Quality in every sense.

Breaking Point records

Eduard's great site, chock full of fantastic records.a site for euro funk and everything to do with colourful and rapidly expanding world of Spanish record collecting. They are great funk collectors in their own right and the guys who introduced Keb Darge to Barcelona, where he now holds his monthyl residency at The Apollo.

Budget Beats
Manc dealer always has some good sounds and the only guy we can find with a 'sisterfunk' only sales list. Pricey, but reliable.

Jason Stirland's Witches Brew
Fount of knowledge. Knows more than you and I, unless your surname is Wright, Rudland or Darge. Great set sales.